For my second class in the Altenew Educator Certification Program, I decided to just pick up where my first class left off with All About Layering 2, also taught by Nicole Picadura.

This was another great class giving us lots of examples of various layering stamp sets. Altenew is known for their floral stamp designs and they take the cake in the layered florals. The detailing is just amazing. For me, it’s typically around the 3rd layer that the details make the flower come to life. It’s magical every single time!

For this project, I wanted to work with one of my favorite layering stamp sets, Sweet Rose Bouquet. While this stamp set also has a corresponding die set, I wanted to keep this simple by just stamping directly on my main paper and decided not to cut out the flowers.

I felt drawn to the orange color scheme when I worked on this, so I chose the Warm & Cozy Crisp Dye Ink set to work with. I love the ink sets that Altenew puts together for us to make layering even easier. This set has been curated to go together, so the blending will be perfect! I start with my base stamp using the lightest shade in the set - Sunkissed. Then, I add layer 2 with Orange Cream, bump up to layer 3 with Autumn Blaze, and finally give that final detail from layer 4 with Firebrick.

The one thing I love about this stamp set is that we don’t need to worry about arranging this bouquet…  all 4 roses are done at once, though my project only included 3 of them!  The 4 roses are connected into one stamp allowing just one placement of the stamp to have them all laid down perfectly! Then, add on the additional layers and you’re all set!

The leaf layers start with one main connected layer. But as you move up to layers 2 and 3, they are no longer connected. This is where patience comes in! Fortunately, Altenew has a layering guide for their stamp sets so it’s time to study the guide and place the detail layers as best as possible! For these leaves, I used the Green Fields Crip Dye Ink set. Again, I start the base layer with the lightest shade of green which is Frayed Leaf. Layer 2 is done in Forest Glades and finally layer 3 is completed using the Evergreen shade.

I chose the sentiment here from the Craft Your Life: Seasonal Blooms kit. The height of the sentiment was a perfect compliment to the height of the bouquet. In order to tie in the colors of the project, I used the Autumn Blaze ink to stamp the sentiment. After using a rectangular die to finish off the edging of my project, I adhered it to a piece of cardstock in the similar shading to my color scheme of the day.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project! As always, I’d love to hear from you about my work and please feel free to share any suggestions you might have for a future project! 

God bless,


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Warm & Cozy Crisp Dye Ink Oval Set by Altenew

Green Fields Crisp Dye Ink Oval Set by Altenew

Craft Your Life Project Kit: Seasonal Blooms by Altenew

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Erum Tasneem
Erum Tasneem
Thursday 13th January 2022

Tammy, you make the most pretty cards. This is so gorgeous, so calming. Anyone who would receive it will treasure it. Your post is very beautifully written too!
Thank you for your submission to the AECP assignment gallery,

Friday 07th January 2022

I am in the same group and, not only love your card, but your post is great also.

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