Clean and Simple… it should just be that easy, right? There’s a saying that a little goes a long way, and that’s the intent with this style of card. But there’s definitely an inner battle to not keep doing more to fill the voids! Oh the dilemma!

This class was a lot of fun and Jennifer Rzasa showcased various ways to keep a card Clean and Simple! She goes through many different techniques from letterpress to embossing and even the use of specialty papers. But the technique I wanted to work on was just using a stamped image.

I chose to use this rose image from Altenew’s Forever in Love stamp set. Unlike my previous projects, this does not use layered stamps, so all the detailing is up to me! It’s just a stamp outline which can be used in so many different ways including keeping it as a black outline! But I wanted to give it a little extra notice, so I chose to heat emboss the outline! 

I always like to use a stamp positioner for my work, even if it’s just a stamp outline. This gives me the confidence to know that I’m going to be able to stamp it a second time for better coverage but I’ll know it will stamp in exactly the same position as the first stamp. For the embossing,I like to use VersaMark’s Watermark Stamp pad which gives a clear, sticky image of the stamp. But before you lay down the VersaMark ink, it’s very important to first rub an anti-static powder over the card. This will make sure that the embossing powder will only stick to the VersaMark ink. 

I like to do a double stamp of the VersaMark just to know that I have enough of it laid down. Then, I poured black embossing powder on my card and then tapped off any excess powder off the card. Again, this is very important so that you don’t end up with heated embossing powder where you didn’t intend for it to be! Once I’ve cleared off any residual powder, I use my heat gun to set the powder. You’ll know it’s done when you get this nice shine to the image!

One of the techniques from Jennifer’s class was to just add bursts of color. I did this by watercoloring the roses with my Altenew ink! These inks are amazing to use with stamps, but also can be used for this watercolor feeling. I stamped some of the Altenew Ruby Red onto a stamp block and sprayed a little bit of water onto the ink. I then picked up some of the color using the Altenew watercolor brush and started filling in the roses. The heat embossed outline almost gives a little barrier to help keep the colors in. To give definition to the roses, you can add more color to some areas than others. Just let yourself go with how you choose to color the rose!

I chose the sentiment from the same Forever In Love stamp set. I stamped it in the Permanent Black Crisp Dye Ink, but chose not to heat emboss it. I wanted a little extra something to the card, so I picked up my watercolor brush again and dipped it back into the wet Ruby Red ink from the stamp block. I tapped on the brush and that allowed for some ink to splatter onto the card. The closer you hold the brush over the paper, the larger the drops will be, so it’s nice to have a little bit of control over the splatter.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this project! There’s definitely some truth to “less is more” and for Clean & Simple Boutique Cards, that was my mission!

God bless,


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Forever in Love Stamp Set by Altenew

Ruby Red Crisp Dye Ink by Altenew

Permanent Black Crisp Dye Ink by Altenew

Watercolor Brush - Medium by Altenew

Versamark Watermark Stamp by Tsukineko

All About Layering 2 - AECP
Easy Ink Blending Techniques - AECP
Erum Tasneem
Erum Tasneem
Thursday 13th January 2022

Why worry when clean and simple is what you are awesome at! I love the look of your cards, Tammy! You are too hard on yourself. You rock!

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