Ink Blending. I believe this is one of the best techniques to learn for this craft. It is used in so many different ways and can add the perfect compliment to your card.

In this class, Amy Lee shows us a number of different ways to utilize ink blending. My favorite way is to color the background of your project. Many times, you don’t want a plain white background but you may not have the right colored cardstock. Well, just grab your ink and a blending tool and let’s get to work!

For this project, I knew I wanted to use the Parrot Tulips stamp set for my focal point. It’s a large image and the detailing of the tulip is just incredible! Before I start stamping, though, I actually did a template for this kit. I used the die set for both the tulip and the stem & leaf and cut out the images. I learned this technique in an Altenew retreat to be able to help easily line up the layered images and it’s really an amazing technique. I used a stamp positioner to lay down my template. Then, with the cut-outs removed, I put the die back into the template. Then, I laid the stamp down on top of the die. You can almost feel like lock into place with the die. I closed the positioner, then lifted the plate back up to lift my stamp, and then removed the die. I put the cut out piece back in, inked up the stamp and stamped the image. I repeated this process for each of the layered stamps - just placed each layer inside the base flower die. This was especially helpful with the long stem piece. I was able to be sure that my stamp image was in the correct formation of the die to cut it out perfectly! I hope to do a video of this technique in the future to show how this works.

I used the Warm & Cozy Crisp Dye Ink set, one of my absolute favorites, for the tulip. The larger base image always starts with the lightest color and works up in tone as you use the 4 detail layered stamps. It’s a perfect match… 4 detail layers and 4 colors in this ink family! The 4 shades in this set are Sunkissed, Orange Cream, Autumn Blaze and Firebrick.  After layering up the tulip, I layered up the leaf using the Green Fields Crisp Dye Ink. This is my go-to set for greenery right now, so it was easy to reach for these. Because the leaf is just a 2 color layer, I used the Forest Glades and Evergreen shades to build up the detail.

I decided I wanted a sweet and simple sentiment, so I pulled the Hello stamp and outline die from the Seasonal Blooms Craft Your Life Project Kit. I wanted the sentiment to be similar coloring to the tulip, so I used a blender brush to blend the Autumn Blaze ink onto a piece of white cardstock. Once I was pleased with the shading, I used the Hello shadow die to cut out the perfect shadow for the stamped Hello image. I used Firebrick ink for the stamp so that the colors all complimented the tulip coloring. 

Now it was time to do some ink blending for my card background. I decided to use Ruby Red for this and wanted to do an ombre effect. For this technique, you could use similar shades within that ink family, or just use the same ink but in varying intensities. That’s what I did… I just used the Ruby Red starting with a light coloring on the left and continued building up from the right until I was happy with the spread of the color. I put the colored cardstock in the Organic Linen 3D Embossing Folder and ran it through my die cutting machine to apply texture to the background and it really seemed to help make the coloring pop a bit more.

To finish off my design, it was time to space everything. The leaf for this tulip is quite large, so I actually cut it in half which allowed me to give the appearance of two leaves at the bottom. I put craft glue on the back of all the cut outs and placed everything down onto the card. I’m not too sure of the color scheme with the red background and the orange tulip. I probably should have put the sentiment on the lighter shade of the background, but all in all, I’m pleased with the card.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

God bless,


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Warm & Cozy Crisp Dye Ink Oval Set by Altenew 

Green Fields Crisp Dye Ink Oval Set by Altenew

Craft Your Life Project Kit: Seasonal Blooms by Altenew

Organic Linen 3D Embossing Folder by Altenew Build-A-Flower: Parrot Tulips Layering Stamp & Die Set by Altenew

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Erum Tasneem
Erum Tasneem
Thursday 13th January 2022

That is a gorgeous blend and an equally beautiful card!

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