If you ask most cardmakers which card theme causes the most creative block, you’ll hear a quick response of “cards for the guys!” For feminine cards, it’s easy to be able to apply flowers, hearts, cute graphics and feel content that the card will be accepted well. But get asked for a masculine card and all our creative juices just seize! Enter Jennifer Rzasa with solutions for ending the mind freeze!

In this class, Jennifer gives a lot of different ideas for cards for the men in our lives. My favorite idea is based on using geometric designs with well-suited color schemes. For this project, I pulled out Altenew’s Pattern Play - Diamond stamp set. This stamp set has a large diamond pattern, as well as 2 smaller sections of diamonds - one with just an outline and one with full diamond blocks to fill in the blanks.

I wasn’t quite sure how to start this design, so I first stamped a section of the 3 outlined diamonds with black ink. I moved up the page a little and did another diamond set and the area in the middle was blank. Well, I didn’t like that very much, so I was able to actually squeeze in one more row of outlined diamonds! I filled in the open circles connecting each row of diamonds with a black marker. This helped mask the fact that they weren’t lined up perfectly, but now you’ll never be able to tell!

I then decided to fill in one of the blanks. I didn't like just one being filled in, so I filled in the other blanks in that row. At this point, I realized how much easier it would have been to just fill them all in at once with the set of 3 solid diamonds, but sometimes we don’t work in very easy steps, do we? But eventually we get there! The fun thing with these colored diamonds is this is all just one color of ink… Nimbus by Altenew from the Tranquility Crisp Dye Ink collection. The very top row is double stamped to give a really good color fill in the diamonds. The bottom row is done just once and I purposely didn’t really cover the stamp well as I wanted it to be a rougher color swatch. Then, for the middle row, I did a second generation stamp with the Nimbus color. To do this, I inked the stamp really well, then stamped it on a piece of scrap paper, and then stamped it here on the card. This gave a great subtle tone of the exact same ink color which completed the showcasing of the diamonds all being in one ink but with different shading.

I ran the cardstock through my die cutting machine with a simple rectangular die. This just helps give it a bit of pop with the little dots around the edging. I used double sided tape to adhere this to grey cardstock that complimented the ink coloring. Below this, I stamped a sentiment from Altenew’s A Walk in the Woods stamp set using the same Nimbus ink. I wasn’t quite sure how to finish off the card, so I decided to tie the design into the inside of the card. To do this, I stamped the 3 solid diamonds with Nimbus inside on the bottom corner of the card.

Masculine cards are still not my go-to design. But this class definitely opened up my mind to some new ideas when the need arises. I’d love to hear what you look for in a masculine card design!

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Nimbus from the Tranquility Crisp Dye Ink collection by Altenew

Permanent Black Crisp Dye Ink by Altenew

Pattern Play - Diamond Stamp Set by Altenew

A Walk in the Woods Stamp Set by Altenew

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Erum Tasneem
Erum Tasneem
Thursday 13th January 2022

Absolutely fantabulous, Tammy!!

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